1.Cross Country Pipeline

In many a countries, pipeline stretching across millions of kilometers, which transport crude oil, gas, chemicals, and water are the nervous system of numerous industries. TNC brings you highly experienced NDT personnel, advanced equipment and accessories to keep these pipeline operating safely.
A. RADIOGRAPHY X-RAY CRAWLER: Equipped with the worlds-best X-Ray Crawler technology and experienced personnel, we offer you the advantages of high radiographic quality, high imaging sensitivity, low failure rate and high work efficiency. Our experts have perfected this world-acclaimed technique owing to advanced technology and years of experience.
B. AUTOMATIC ULTRASONIC TESTING: At the present time, Automatic Ultrasonic (AUT) has become the NDE industry standard examination method for girth weld inspection. TNC ensures that you benefit from AUT system s superior analysis and computerized data management system. We undertake the most recent technologies in bringing you the AUT s advantages of greater safety, faster cycle time, and accurate detection

2. X-Ray by using Directional Technique:

We using the directional technique usually with piping system, oil well, water injection wells, and in few times we used in pipeline.


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3.Ultrasonic Testing:

Through high frequency, highly directional sound waves, our specialist expertly measure material thickness, find hidden internal flaws & analyze material properties in metals, plastics, composites, rubber, and glass. We have raised the benchmark in Ultrasonic Testing by bringing together state-of-the-art-technologies, modern electronic components and various testing applications. Our Level III & II certified UT technicians work in according with the strict industry codes. We offer various techniques of Ultrasonic Testing:

    Through a team of trained, skilled, and experienced professionals, TNC provides advanced Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) for flaw detection, sizing & imaging. It offers significant technical advantages for weld testing& plant monitoring over conventional ultrasonic as the phased array beams can be steered, scanned, swept, & focused electronically from a fixed probe position.
    Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) has proven to be the most accurate and effective NDT technique in determining the defect height. Through a fully computerized system, our experts provide a grade of accuracy never achieved by other ultrasonic techniques. The system provides scan, store and evaluate indications in terms of height , length, and position.
    Time Manual Ultrasonic Testing is ideal for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements and material characterization. It used high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Our experts make sure this quick, non-intrusive and cost effective inspection is also reliable with advanced testing equipment like Einstein TFT-II, Krautkramers and others.
    LRUT is used to inspect pipe in order to detect corrosion and other flaws. Its able to transmit ultrasound many meters ( typically 30 m) along the pipe in both directions from a “ tool” comprising a 5-ring transducer assembly that’s clamped around the pipe by an inflatable collar. It is particular value for the inspection of pipe that is inaccessible for inspection by conventional methods ( insulated, buried, elevated on pipe racks, etc.). The transducers generate guided ultrasonic waves in the pipe and detect signals reflected from any flaws present. The location of these flaws along the pipe is determined by the time of flight of the ultrasound.

4. Liquid Penetrant Testing:

Liquid Penetrant Testing is best-suited to detect surface breaking defects in any non-porous material, metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Through this technique, our experts evaluate the condition and quality of a component. With a wide varies of penetrant material and a custom-made fluorescent penetrant inspection system, we provide both field and lab testing, with high volume processing of many different parts with fluorescent and visible penetrants.

5. Magnetic Particle Testing:

Our experts utilize Magnetic Particle Testing to detect surface and near surface flaws and detects. It is fast and relatively easy to apply, and surface preparation is not as critical as compared to other NDT methods. We offer both on-site and in-house services as per your requirement.

6. Wire Rope Testing:

Our Professionals test the condition and estimate the remaining service life of a wire rope through Wire Rope Testing. We start with monitoring the wire rope s production process, then determine the parameters by load test in our workshop and extend to non-destructive testing of installed wire ropes.

7. Visual Testing:

It’s a technique to detect and examine a variety of surface flaws, such as corrosion, contamination, surface finish and surface discontinuities on joints. Our experts employ a wide varies of equipment, ranging from examination with naked eye to the use of gauges, micrometers, calipers, magnifying devices, remote video equipment and surface conditioning equipment.

8. Helium Leak Testing:

At TNC, we specialize in Helium Leak Testing, which is a very sensitive and quantifiable test. It is reliable and best-suited to be integrated into the manufacturing process. Our personnel ensure that this highly sensitive and technical method is robust and works efficiently as part of production line.

9. Positive Material Inspection:

We employ Positive Material Identification service with an on-site inspection and testing team that has multiple highly sophisticated handheld/portable X-Ray Florescence spectrometers. This method is suited to measure the chemical composition of the materials, non-destructively and accurately.

10. Stress Relieving:

Stress can cause all sorts of distortions, which lead to reduction in tolerance. That’s why stress relieving is often necessary. A material can be stress relieved by heating it to a specific temperature that is lower than that of annealing or normalizing and letting it cool to room temperature inside or outside of the oven.

11. Tube Inspection System :

At TNC, our professionals expertly inspect and measure round metallic and non metallic wire, tubing, and piping trough Tube Inspection System. In combination with the different mounting solutions, we offer portable tube inspection solution for several industries. We provide a selection of inspection techniques : Eddy Current Testing (ET), Internal Rotatory Inspection System, and Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing (MFLT).